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Duke Nukem Forever Custom Content

Even Simpler- Chaos Theory v1.2

1-11-23 ================================================================ Title : Even Simpler- Chaos Theory Filename : Even-Simpler64.dnf Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : Doom 64’s level 09 Even Simpler in Duke Forever 2011 with a Single Player. This is a side project that I did for fun in one of my favorite levels. It’s a bit…
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Wolf E1M1 – The Great Escape

Build Date: 10/23/22 – Updated 12-03-22 RC1 ================================================================ Title : Wolf3D E1M1 Filename : Wolf3D-E1M1.dnf Author : ZNukem Email Address/Contact : n/a Description: I plan to update this more down the road with new stuff and Duke lines. Right now it’s playable for enjoyment. Have fun looking into my magical modding tricks be sure give…
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Lives Again SP

My first SP level for Duke Forever 2011. it’s a demo because more maps will be added as a mini campaign. Enjoy, Happy Halloween. 10/31/22 – Updated 11-6-22 ================================================================ Title : LivesAgain Demo Campaign Filename : LivesAgain.dnf Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : Happy Halloween. I made this level with…
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