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Duke Nukem Forever Custom Content

Operation NUTSAC

Author: Gorilla Neutralize Urgent Threat, Save All Civilians This is a custom level for Duke Nukem Forever 2001. It features different difficulty depending on which difficulty you choose. To play this map, first load up level 2 of the “First Slice,” named “Why I’m So Great.” Choose the appropriate difficulty for your experience (Damn I’m…
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Doomed -Entryway SP/DM

Author: Epstein Thrawn SP Version: Simple port of Map01 from Doom II to DNF 2001, don’t let the pigs get you! MP Version included: Ideal Player Count: 12 Inside the zip contains DM and SP versions of this map. DM-Doomed_1.2.rar is DM. DNF_Doomed.rar is SP.

Low Calorie Spaceport – Demo 2

Author: Gorilla Map Name: testicles2.dnf Release Thread Description: This here is a low-calorie recreation of Spaceport from Duke Nukem on the Sega Genesis. It even has the music! Music don’t loop yet tho. This was all created with Duke’s Enormous Tool (aka DukeEd) which is usable in the DNF Restoration Project! Try it out! Download…
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Doom64-Staging Area SP/DM

08/05/22 Title : SP/DM64-Staging Area Filename : SP-64StagingAreav3.dnf and DM-64StagingAreav3.dnf Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : Doom 64 level 01 Staging Area in Duke Forever 2001. There’s a blood rush feeling, with vast silence this isn’t over. How to play SP: In console type “map SP-64StagingAreav3” Thanks to: Doom 64…
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Escaper v2 Demo SP

From¬†sdoom1099 @ ModDB Escaper is gonna be an 8-map extravaganza of destruction. There will be explosions, jets, enemies surrounding every corner you turn. Sounds too ambitious? Yeah, but I will find a way. Escaper is about a super-human who was captive soon being released after a mishap. It is up to you whether or not…
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