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Duke Nukem Forever Custom Content

DNF01-DM-Classic Pack

06/22/23 ================================================================ Title : DNF01-DM-Classic Pack Filename : Various DM-64(Map Names) Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : A few classics I love from various games ported to DNF01. This pack will be updated with more classics when I return to it. Probably work with some others too. Maps: Grip: Paying…
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Author Credit: NESTECH Moddb: Description: My grandma house kitchen, with textures that I took picture back than in 2008 from openup LG vintage mobile phone. Real life autentic place.

Parkour Ropes

Author: fluddsskark Description: It combines parkour and rope elements from the mechanics of DNF2001. Jump across ropes and use them to get into other areas of the map for progression.


Author Credit: StarNukem Ported over from Duke 3D, I bring to you the infamous user map “iod2” imported to DNF01, with up to 32 player support (somehow) and more weapons/health for more ass kicking! Give it a try or just head over to the “OP Gold” server to get the quick download and play with…
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Operation NUTSAC

Author: Gorilla Neutralize Urgent Threat, Save All Civilians This is a custom level for Duke Nukem Forever 2001. It features different difficulty depending on which difficulty you choose. To play this map, first load up level 2 of the “First Slice,” named “Why I’m So Great.” Choose the appropriate difficulty for your experience (Damn I’m…
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DNF Restoration: Bikini Atoll Test Standalone 0.1.5

—————————————————– Moddb: Credits: 3D Realms – Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Build Gearbox Software – Duke Nukem Forever 2011 Mighty Foot Productions – Duke Nukem Forever Restoration Community Brushes: LDinos – LDinos’s Brush Pack Michael ‘ExpEM’ Nunn – ExpEM_Editor.u Brush Builder pack Dave – Dave’s Brush Builders Tarquin – Tarquin’s Brush Builders, Extended Builders Daid…
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DNF 2001 Leak

Someone leaked this as anonymous. Original vanilla leak of DNF 01.