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Author Credit: StarNukem

Duke Nukem Forever Custom Map: "Roundabout" (from Map04 of the Duke Nukem Forever Campaign)
---Installation Guide:---
-Step 1: Locate your Duke Nukem Forever Maps folder within your Steam directory. (.../Steam/steamapps/common/Duke Nukem Forever/Maps)
-Step 2: Backup the files "DM-Casino.dnf and DM-Casino.nav" into a separate folder.
-Step 3: Drop your new "DM-Casino" files into the Maps folder.
-Step 4: If all was done correctly, when loading into a private multiplayer lobby with "Casino" as the map choice, the game should load Roundabout instead.

**TL;DR: Replace DM-Casino in your DNF maps folder with Roundabout by replacing the DM-Casino.dnf AND DM-Casino.nav file in the Maps folder. Make sure to back up the original files!!**

Map Name: DM-Casino.dnf/DM-Casino.nav ("Roundabout" is the title but I've renamed the files for quicker/easier installation.)
Map Author: StarNukem
Custom Sounds: None
Custom Music: None

-Compatible Game Modes:
Dukematch: Yes
Team Dukematch: Yes
Capture the Babe: Yes
Hail to the King: Yes
Hot Potato: Yes
FFA Hail to the King: Yes
Freeze Tag: Yes

Thank you very much for downloading "Roundabout" from! This map was a small side project that I'd felt would make a great Dukematch map, and indeed I was right! This map is the section of Map04 right after you're introduced to the RC Car. This area immediately stuck out to me as being a great area to hold 1-on-1 matches and easily satisfies those who prefer chaotic eight player free-for-alls, so I took to the editor and made it happen! Thank you to all of the supporters of this short release and to those who've helped in testing. I can't recall all who have but to those of you who did, many thanks to you all! This map supports all game modes, as well as mutators. Go on and give them all a try!

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