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Mesh Tool

Credit Author: DaZombieKiller

Github/Source Code:

* Edit extract_from_dnf.cmd so that DNF_PATH points to your DNF installation.
* After editing it, run extract_from_dnf.cmd to generate the 'meshes' folder.

You can convert .skl files to .dae using the 'sklconv' command.
This allows you to import the skeleton into a modelling tool to rig your own custom model.
See get_machinegun_skeleton.cmd for an example.

Use the 'mshtool convert' command to generate .msh files for importing into DNF.
It uses the Open Asset Import Library, so any model formats supported by it should work.
The command is structured like so:

mshtool convert <input file path> <meshes folder path> <input .skl path> <output .msh path>

The input .skl path must point to a file within the meshes folder. This is necessary because
of how DNF references skeletons from .msh files.

You can use the 'mshtool build' to rebuild meshes.dat and skels.dat.
See make_packages.cmd for an example of how this works. The resulting .dat files can be copied
into the DNF 'SkinMeshes' folder, replacing the originals.

Some Commands:
--auto-rig root

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