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Duke Nukem Forever Custom Content

Duke Nukem Forever Restoration Project 0.2.1

Mod DB Link: Credit: MIGHTY FOOT PRODUCTIONS Update: 8-22-23 Update: 4-29-23 Duke It Out Update This is the first update for the Duke Nukem Restoration Project, this package replaces the original First Slice and includes all the First Slice content and the Duke-It-Out content! Description: This is the First Slice Release for the Duke…
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DNF Restoration: Bikini Atoll Test Standalone 0.1.5

—————————————————– Moddb: Credits: 3D Realms – Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Build Gearbox Software – Duke Nukem Forever 2011 Mighty Foot Productions – Duke Nukem Forever Restoration Community Brushes: LDinos – LDinos’s Brush Pack Michael ‘ExpEM’ Nunn – ExpEM_Editor.u Brush Builder pack Dave – Dave’s Brush Builders Tarquin – Tarquin’s Brush Builders, Extended Builders Daid…
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Future’s DNF 2001 modpack WIP

Read Text Files for all Info: Made by Futuretime23 GENERAL FIXES: -Fog has been reenabled and problematic instances of it with improperly set fog densities in the main campaign have been fixed. -WIP fix for the “standing on decoration instadeath” bug implemented: the issue is that the Landed(HitNormal) function in Engine.Decoration causes any pawn that…
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Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Patch v1.2e

This is the latest patch to play DNF 2001 multiplayer.

DNF 2001 Leak

Someone leaked this as anonymous. Original vanilla leak of DNF 01.