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Duke Nukem Forever Custom Content

DM Apogee

Author Credit: NESTECH Description: Duke gettin the best easter egg in the world and stuck there, duke love this room and fight there with others Dukes for the first place.


Author Credit: NESTECH The first level Juni got in the Spy Kids 3D movie now as a DNF level, a fan project only. Enjoy.

The Nestel Hotel

Author Credit: NESTECH My last summer vacation in a hotel in Tiberias City now as a giant(meanwhile) map. WiP.


Author Credit: NESTECH My new project on the metro train of Tel Aviv and around, make it aesthetic and fun for all.


Credit Author: Epstein Thrawn E1M1 mp remake is done enjoy

DNF01-DM-Classic Pack

06/22/23 ================================================================ Title : DNF01-DM-Classic Pack Filename : Various DM-64(Map Names) Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : A few classics I love from various games ported to DNF01. This pack will be updated with more classics when I return to it. Probably work with some others too. Maps: Grip: Paying…
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Author Credit: NESTECH Moddb: Description: My grandma house kitchen, with textures that I took picture back than in 2008 from openup LG vintage mobile phone. Real life autentic place.


Author Credit: StarNukem Ported over from Duke 3D, I bring to you the infamous user map “iod2” imported to DNF01, with up to 32 player support (somehow) and more weapons/health for more ass kicking! Give it a try or just head over to the “OP Gold” server to get the quick download and play with…
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Doomed -Entryway SP/DM

Author: Epstein Thrawn SP Version: Simple port of Map01 from Doom II to DNF 2001, don’t let the pigs get you! MP Version included: Ideal Player Count: 12 Inside the zip contains DM and SP versions of this map. DM-Doomed_1.2.rar is DM. DNF_Doomed.rar is SP.

Tower of Babel

09/14/2022 Updated: 2-10-24 Title : Tower of Babel Filename : DM-Tower_of_Babel-V1.dnf Author : bullerbuller7 Email Address : Description : Remake of my Duke3D Tower of Babel map which is a remake of a Doom 3 Tower of Babel map which is a remake of the original Doom Tower of Babel map. Thanks: Sixty Four…
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