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Duke Nukem Forever Custom Content


Author Credit: NESTECH Moddb: Description: My grandma house kitchen, with textures that I took picture back than in 2008 from openup LG vintage mobile phone. Real life autentic place.


Author Credit: StarNukem Ported over from Duke 3D, I bring to you the infamous user map “iod2” imported to DNF01, with up to 32 player support (somehow) and more weapons/health for more ass kicking! Give it a try or just head over to the “OP Gold” server to get the quick download and play with…
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Doomed -Entryway SP/DM

Author: Epstein Thrawn SP Version: Simple port of Map01 from Doom II to DNF 2001, don’t let the pigs get you! MP Version included: Ideal Player Count: 12 Inside the zip contains DM and SP versions of this map. DM-Doomed_1.2.rar is DM. DNF_Doomed.rar is SP.

Tower of Babel

09/14/2022 Title : Tower of Babel Filename : DM-Tower_of_Babel-V1.dnf Author : bullerbuller7 Email Address : Description : Remake of my Duke3D Tower of Babel map which is a remake of a Doom 3 Tower of Babel map which is a remake of the original Doom Tower of Babel map. Thanks: Sixty Four for testing/help…
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Doom64-Staging Area SP/DM

08/05/22 Title : SP/DM64-Staging Area Filename : SP-64StagingAreav3.dnf and DM-64StagingAreav3.dnf Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : Doom 64 level 01 Staging Area in Duke Forever 2001. There’s a blood rush feeling, with vast silence this isn’t over. How to play SP: In console type “map SP-64StagingAreav3” Thanks to: Doom 64…
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Doom64-Even Simpler

06/12/22 Title : DM-64-EvenSimpler Filename : DM-64-EvenSimpler.dnf Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : Ported this level from Doom 64. Level 09 Even Simpler. I always liked this level as a mp level even the original sp level is real fun. I was just having some fun. It’s possible I come…
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05/28/22 Title : DM-64-LivesAgain Filename : DM-64-LivesAgain.dnf Author : Sixty Four Duke64Nukem Email Address : Description : I made this level with heavy inspiration to Blood’s Cradle To Grave. It’s not based on it as a remake at all. Just inspired by because it’s one of my favorite games. Info Map File Name :DM-64-LivesAgain.dnf…
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DM-Wonderland Duke Nukem Forever map


DM-Wonderland ported to DNF!

DM_dust2 Duke Nukem Forever


Dust 2 map for Duke Nukem Forever!



Rats Family Guy map ported to Duke Nukem Forever 2001