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Duke Nukem Forever 2011 Editor Hot Keys

Author: Sixty Four DNF2K11 Hot Keys -Hotkeys- Ctrl+W= Quick Copy/Paste Ctrl+Alt+Hold Left Click= Highlight selected radius W=Hide Static Mesh M=Hide Skin Mesh (Character, doors, and anything that typically has animation associated.) S=Hide Sprites R=Show radius? Or some kind of volume E=Hide Tagged Connections/Triggers (Hide Red Lines) B= Hide Brushes (Doesn’t effect 3d Viewport) L= Hide…
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Duke Nukem Forever 2011 Moving Static Mesh Editor Tutorial

Author: – Sixty Four Duke64Nukem This tutorial will show how to make a static mesh move. In Duke Nukem Forever 2011 it doesn’t use the classic method of mover brushes for elevators or lifts etc. It uses a static mesh movement method. For a fun fact Duke Nukem Forever 2001 still used Mover brushes. But…
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